Continental PC offers computer technology support services in Eastern North Carolina. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide free diagnostics at your home or office or at our shop in Washington. Many of our services are charged by the task rather than by the hour. For example, virus removal typically takes 8 hours to complete but is currently charged at a flat fee of $75.

If you desire, we can use software to access your computer remotely. This allows us to service your computer when it is idle or when you have a problem that can be instantly solved.

Services we provide include but are not limited to:

Services for individuals

  • Removal of viruses and other malware
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Installation and upgrades of Windows and other operating systems
  • Software troubleshooting
  • Password recovery
  • Data recovery
  • Configuring data backups
  • Configuring home and office networks (WiFi, Routers, cable modems, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting with your service providers
  • Troubleshooting and setting up your peripherals: printers, scanners, etc.